lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Do you remember...

Do you remember when you hold my hand while sleeping?at the end i just tried touch yours softly to feel if you still feeling to want to take it again but you stopped to hold me.
Do you remember when you picked me from the airport giving me a surprice? i got the feel you didn t like me anymore just because i didn t feel confident enought with myself, i forgt the surprice to focus on the though you didnt like me anymore, even if i am still remember your gesture.
Do you remember when you extended your hand to help me to walk on the mountain in the same instant i took a picture of you looking at me, smiling?i deleted that picture even if was one the most beautiful i ever took.
Do yu remember when we played to see who was stronger and i allways tried to beat you even if was evidence you were more stronge.I can t do that anymore with anybody.
Do you remember when you started to drink and work the days we have both off, instead to see me, talk to me or touch me?
Do you remember...
I remember as good as bad but i  stil remember ...
Is allways one who love more than the other and that was me. And if that cost me to be death inside from the time you decided i wasn t worth it enought to you, worth it as i wouldn t like be the to kill someone from the inside.

I know i will be woth it... as i do in so many ways.

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018

I miss to have someone to hug,cuddle, look in the eyes and smile.
I miss to feel that someone care about me, i miss that someone need me sometimes .I miss to talk,play,laught,kidding and be kidding to make me smile, i miss even to figh too.I miss to talk the trueth with someone, i miss to be answer when i ask without fear.I miss the sympathy to someone who want me. I miss to feel that someone else see some qualities that count to share.I miss to learn  new things, i miss to descovered someone , i miss to know someone and keep interested in keep wanting to know  more. 

I want someone who want me?

lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

And the day he re appeard, i thought he needed me.We talked and my heart forget the sadness.Just when you realize he never want you, you die again and you just realize he stop to be the man that i idealize to be one more man.Then you question to yourself where gone the feel , if was it real of was idealitation, he never appear in your door just wait to kill you for the second time while he is full of joy.I ask, why? and i never knew...

lunes, 8 de enero de 2018


"Lucky" a beautiful film to watch to make a reflexion about time.Because nowdays the philosophy of live day like it is the last make us be positive to the easy fast changes , and all is good until you realize you get old.
This film make you think about what the fear of getting older alone.And because with the fucking Apps to find the real love we become a society in which( i inlcuded to myself ) nobody fights for people, is easy to change with a click so wh, to  discuss , why to solve problems if you just can "click" and easy change the person.And day by day we get older without anybody next to us who took years to understand to make love with connection of a deep feeling for eachother, to no depper conversations , to no learning from eachother... and nobody thinks about the fear of face the hard times of life alone.Not just our own death; lost someone and be alone, missed people and be  alone, can t find the time to enjoy, and be  alone...Because nobody want to be  alone but we create a society where we are fucking alone.

martes, 24 de octubre de 2017


Y no sabia que me consideraba una "bambola" hasta ahora, ha pasado mucho tiempo y pensé que la
gente recapacitaba.Veo que nunca hubo una dulce  intención.Aun así, no se como tomarmelo, nunca pense que se me podia ver asi, pero quizá ...¿seré solo  eso?.No habra mas, tendre que acostumbrarme.
No quiero, pero ¿sera esa la única manera de llenar un vacío, si nadie ve mas allá en mi?
La verdad esque no creo que eso llene a nadie, no a mi.Pero tengo miedo a que la verdad sea esa.

jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017

I can t stop to think of the energy put in someone who is not caring about you, while people surround ask you how are you everydays,
Imagine you put that energy into those who ask you, into those who say good morning, into those who think of just to say to you hello.

Can you imagine?
Now, can you do it?
Why do we focus in those who don t care abot us?

martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

Y dejame allí

¿Y si alguien viniese y  me llevase?, despacito y sin hacer ruido. Imagínate, ¿como seria el mundo?.Igual. Todo pasa.Alguien se acordaría, se daría cuenta, pero por cuanto.

¿Nadie sabe que somos prescindibles? siempre pensamos de lo prescindibles que somos en la búsqueda de un trabajo, pensando que siempre habrá alguien mejor. 

Aunque...a  la vez tan imprescindibles, para alguien mas.Porque...porque tu lo eres para mi, quiero decir imprescindible.Estas aquí, por algo¿verdad?. Si no...¿porque vendrías a llevarme?

Por eso, por eso pienso que me debes considerar prescindible para algo, pero para alguien o para ti seré imprescindible.¿Que te parece si me gusta pensar eso?¿te molesta?. Si soy prescindible no te molestara porque te sera igual y si es por lo contrario, es porque te gustara pensar que si te soy imprescindible es porque necesito que alguien me lleve, y para eso, tu serias imprescindible para mi . 

Si te parece, me puedes llevar lejos, muy lejos, a la cima mas alta donde veamos a todos pequeñitos o mejor, donde no veamos a nadie mas que a aquello que hace ruiditos sin sentido, que dejan huellas pequeñitas o grandes sobre la tierra, que veamos los colores de aquello que sale de ella.Y si no quieres venir, déjame allí.Te prometo sonreir pero no hacer ruido.

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

And when the moon clean her face, her light appeared.But noody could see as everybody were sleeping under the clouds that covered the sky.And she smiled while take care of her stars and watch the night in silence while the lullubye sound.

domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Didn t wait more

And when he realized it was too late, she was gone. She decided not to wait for him.
His inability to be faithful, sincere or to have a simple gesture that caught her attention made her was exhausted. Not feeling loving or wanted, made her think too much about her future, she knew that trusting was not enough, he must have done with actions, otherwise what sense would she have to keep her go on?
They had been kiddig her too many times to think that this time was different. 
Just wondered if she was wrong but inside of herself, she did not feel that was wrong.
 For the first time she had decided to leave without explanation and she felt just ... free.

Surrender shout

My silence came from the shout,
the shout nobody listen, the shout people decided to ignore.
Nobody listen ,we are too busy
even if they come together, these shouts came to low.

I didn t listen how you scream for help,

as nobody listen our souls or minds.

I pretended to show you, how i was shouting inside,

but now i understand you were fighting without to shout.
Cause, is not just me, we all have a mess inside of us.

And you in front of me and i, in front of you,

we just let, the surrender arrives.